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The Pilates Method of
body conditioning
develops the body
uniformly, corrects wrong
postures, restores
vitality, invigorates the
mind and elevates the

-Joseph Pilates
Founder of Pilates
Private Sessions
These one on one sessions are
tailored to meet your individual
needs. You will learn the Pilates
Fundamentals through a
combination of Mat, Reformer,
Chair, and Cadillac work. Perfect
for the beginner Pilates student
who needs an introduction, or for
the more intermediate student
trying to take their practice to the
next level.

*Zoom Sessions available
Bring a friend for a personalized
session. These classes are great
for those that need classes to fit
their own schedule. Or, if you
don't have a partner, call the
studio and we can set you up with
a partner at your level.
Semi-Private Sessions
Small Group Reformer Classes
Reformer classes offer a unique
form of strength training that
uses the body's own resistance
as  tension and pulleys of the
Reformer machine! Weight
bearing exercise is emphasized to
tone and increase muscle mass
while still following the Pilates
principles of alignment and
control. Class size is limited to 5
people for personal attention and
Mat Classes
Increase muscle tone, improve
posture, and develop core muscles
in our small group Mat classes. The
Pilates principles of alignment,
breath, and control are
emphasized. Challenge your
stability, coordination, and balance
with props like the large Stability
ball, Fitness Circle, and weighted
balls that are used to increase your
total body workout!
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