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Wondering where to start?

Beginner Packages
1 Private Session & 5 Mat Classes: Work one on one with an Instructor to learn the
Pilates Principles of alignment and control before heading into a group class. Our
qualified Instructors can help you identify any compensation patterns or muscle
weaknesses to specifically focus on while you are in a group class. This package is
great for those that have basic Pilates experience or those who are currently physically

active and injury free.

Cost   $125 +tax

3 Private Sessions: Start with tailor-made classes designed specifically for you and
your body. Learn the Pilates Principles one on one with your Instructor. You will start
with mat-based exercises and work toward equipment training on the Reformer, Chair,
and Cadillac. This is our recommended route to get started with Pilates at the studio.  

Cost  $195 +tax

5 Mat Classes: This offer is for new clients to the studio and is meant for participants
who have some Pilates knowledge and are injury free. These 5 classes are on a drop-in
basis and do not have to be used in a specific series. Great for those with a rotating
schedule. Choose from any of our Beginner or All-Levels classes.

Cost   $75 +tax