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We offer a bright,
energetic space that
helps focus the mind and
engage the spirit. Come
and enjoy your
classes-either Mat,
Reformer, Chair, or
Private Classes.
Levels and abilities
Beginner Mat: Learn the fundamental exercises
designed to increase muscle tone, improve posture,
and develop core muscles in this 6-week series. The
Pilates principles of alignment, breath, and control are
All-Levels Mat: After taking the Beginner Mat series
join this Continuing Class. This class is suitable for
those who are dealing with an injury who have had
previous private classes to address specific
modifications. Also suitable for more intermediate
levels as options are giving to increase challenge.
Level2/3 Mat: Challenge your stability, coordination,
and balance in this Intermediate class. Props like the
large Stability ball, Fitness Circle, and weighted balls
are used to increase your total body workout.
Posture & Stretch Mat: Release those tight hips &
shoulders with this class that blends relaxation with
postural releases and stretches! Focusing on
strengthening those smaller, lesser used muscles to
help you stand taller, look leaner, and feel better!
Everyone gets measured on the way in...and then on
the way out!
Well-Backs Mat: One of our most popular classes,
this class addresses issues  that can lead to poor
back health, such as: like lack of core support, pelvic
instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, and
lack of body awareness. This unique class focuses on
finding the “true neutral” position of the spine and
strengthening the muscles that support the skeletal
system. Functional fitness, a.k.a exercises that
prepares you for the rest of your life (walking around,
lifting kids, etc.) is the mainstay in this class.
Pre-Natal Mat: With all of the changes your body is
going through, and the extra weight in your belly
pulling on your low back, this Pre-Natal Pilates class
is a must! We focus on pelvic floor and core strength
as well as strengthening the low back muscles.
Postural stretches and exercises are emphasized to
counteract all of the forward posture that tends to
occur during pregnancy. The class finishes with
breathing and relaxation- good for your body and
your mind.