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We offer a bright,
energetic space that
engage the spirit. Come
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Private Sessions: These one on one sessions are tailored to
meet your individual needs. You will learn the Pilates
Fundamentals through a combination of Mat, Reformer, Chair,
and Cadillac work. Perfect for the beginner Pilates student who
needs an introduction, or for the more intermediate student
trying to take their practice to the next level.
Semi-Private Sessions: Bring a friend for a personalized
session. These classes are great for those that need classes to
fit their own schedule. Or, if you don't have a partner, call the
studio and we can set you up with a partner at your level.     
through, and the extra weight in your belly pulling on  
and the extra weight in your belly pulling on your low
back, Pre-Natal Pilates is a must! We focus on pelvic
floor and core strength as well as strengthening the
low back muscles. Postural stretches and exercises
are emphasized to counteract all of the forward
posture that tends to occur during pregnancy. The
class finishes with breathing and relaxation- good for
your body and your mind.