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We offer a bright,
energetic space that
helps focus the mind and
engage the spirit. Come
and enjoy your
classes-either Mat,
Reformer, Chair, or
Private Classes.
Levels and abilities
Reformer: The Reformer is a key piece of the Pilates
equipment, using a system of springs and pulleys to
enhance periphery and core strength! Reformer
classes offer a unique form of strength training that
uses the body's own resistance as well as
Spring tension works differently from
regular weight training because work is done when
the spring is coiled, and also when controlling the
spring on the return. With over 400 Pilates exercises
to choose from you will be constantly challenged.
Take your workout to a whole new level!
Reformer Jumpboard Intervals : Keep your heart
rate up in this fast-paced class using the Pilates
Jumpboard! Participants will complete Jumpboard
Intervals intermixed with Pilates exercises on the
Reformer. The Jumping is done
horizantally- which is
a low-impact form of plyometric training that is easy
on your joints! The mix of Interval training and
strength training will challenge your muscles and also
your heart!  Previous Pilates experience is required.
Private sessions may also be taken to prepare for the
Jump class.
Chair: Challenge your stability, coordination and
balance by adding the Stability Chair to your Pilates
routine. Many exercises are done in seated and
standing positions- taking Pilates concepts into your
everyday life with this functional piece of equipment!
Great for Pre/Post Natal clients, clients with limited
mobility, back issues, or even for those who want to
add further challenge with the more Advanced Pilates